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11/22/08 06:54 pm - dust_on_lips - Shining tour dates update........(from Myspace)

Tour dates:....

19 Dec 200820:00
9 Jan 200920:00
Royal Metal FestivalAarhus
17 Jan 200920:00
Texas ClubAthen
23 Jan 200920:00
Mulen Ruzas ClubVilnius
24 Jan 200920:00
Melna Piektdiena ClubRiga
25 Jan 200920:00
Rock CaféTallin
30 Jan 200920:00
An Cruiscin LanIreland, Cork
31 Jan 200920:00
Fibber MageesIreland, Dublin
21 Feb 200920:00
Winterfire FestivalGiessen
22 Feb 200920:00
St. LiveIstanbul
6 Mar 200920:00
Zoe ClubMilano
7 Mar 200920:00
Dissesto MusicaleRome ( Tivoli )
14 Mar 200920:00
EyeScream Fest / Circo VoladorMexico City
28 Mar 200920:00
The CaveSalzburg
29 Mar 200920:00
Szene WienVienna
17 Apr 200920:00
Firebox FestivalSeinäjoki
9 May 200920:00
Infernal Damnation Festival VI UnderworldLondon
24 Jul 200920:00
Unholy FestOstrava
25 Jul 200920:00
Vogtland Arena BOA Metal Open AirKlingenthal
7 Aug 200920:00
Party San Open AirBad Berka
5 Sep 200920:00
Hellflame FestivalOsnabrück
24 Oct 200920:00


10/2/08 12:41 pm - dust_on_lips - Also from Myspace.....


10/2/08 09:56 am - dust_on_lips - Taken from Myspace Blog.....


Shining's sixth studio album, "VI / Klagopsalmer", has now been mixed and mastered and has been sent to Osmose Productions who will shortly be unleashing it's menace into the world.   For further information, check out their website at www.osmoseproductions.com. Sample coming soon!

Shining have signed an endorsement deal with swedish company Odium Clothing. For more information visit their website at: www.odium-clothing.net.


We have finally found ourselves a permanent bassist to replace Phil A. Cirone who left the band earlier this year.  Larsen is a young, but extremely motivated musician from Halmstad, and we hope to have him with us longer than we had Phil.  Since Larsen joined us in time for the recording, King Ov Hell, did not take part in the new album , but we are grateful to him for stepping forward in our time of need to help us out. 

On that note, when we announced King's involvement with Shining, it seemed to have pissed off a lot of people because of the recent media-hysteria surrounding Gorgoroth.  Niklas Kvarforth would like to send a personal message to all those who didn't like that decision: "Go fuck yourselves, because no one tells Shining what to do, and if you don't like that, then go listen to something else, because we don't need mindless idiots listening to our music".  


8/31/08 09:37 am - dust_on_lips - I am tired of waiting!!!!!!!!!!

I need this album now!

Anyone know any news on a release date?

7/4/08 10:16 pm - dust_on_lips - Nicked from Myspace.........

Go to http://www.metalheadtv.com for exclusive Shining interview and live footage from Hellfest '08!

6/27/08 11:45 am - dust_on_lips - DESTROYING YOUR LIFE SINCE 1996!

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